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#75 Why identifying the root cause of IBS can resolve it for good

from Happy Hormones Podcast | Published 4/16/2021

If you're suffering from IBS, you may feel like that's your lot. You've got to put up with it for the rest of your life.That's because there's really no cure in the medical world. IBS is not even a disease, it's actually a set of symptoms that are NOT the result of a recognised disease (like bowel cancer or Inflammatory Bowel Disease).Once you've been diagnosed with IBS, you're pretty much left to manage it on your own. There are some drugs that can help with symptoms, but they're not doing just that, managing the symptoms.But the good news is that if you can find the root cause for it, then you have a fighting chance of actually resolving it for good (naturally!).Contact us if you'd like more information on our stool and blood tests to help with gut health; www.happyhormonesforlife.com/contact

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