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Adaptability: Crystal Kadakia

from Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast | Published 11/19/2020

Adaptability is the ability to quickly learn and respond to changing circumstances. Our ability to manage change is considered today one of the key soft skills employers look in candidates. We constantly have to adapt to new technologies, new processes and new teammates. Having the right approach to learn and be open to change is essential. My guest today knows about dealing with changes in the modern workplace culture and how to revolutionize learning effectively. Crystal Kadakia ( is an independent organizational consultant, two-time TEDx speaker, author (The Myllenial Myth and Designing for Modern Learning), as well as CEO of the Learning Cluster Design Group, a learning & development consulting firm. She has helped many organizations drive change and adapt to a new digital age. To get in touch with Crystal, visit her LinkedIn profile at For resources and updates, subscribe to this podcast and visit our website Follow us on LinkedIn( )  and Instagram (

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