The Man Who Upset a Ghost

from Haunted | Published 11/28/2017

Private Lee Davis was hanged in a British prison in 1943. The execution chamber where the young American GI spent his final tragic moments is now a tourist destination, popular with "ghost hunters". When a tour guide recently recounted the story of the hanging there, the man felt a sudden, fierce pain. His hand had been badly, but inexplicably wounded. Was Private Davis sending a violent message, perhaps protesting at becoming the focus of such macabre entertainment?  

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Do ghosts exist? If not, why do we see them? In each episode of the Haunted podcast Danny Robins looks at a real life ghost story in forensic detail trying to work out what really happened, with the help of experts, sceptics and the people who witnessed something they just can't explain. Danny visits a famous racetrack where drivers return from the dead; sees a suburban house haunted by a racist ex-tenant; talks to a widower who shares his bed with a phantom; and meets the parents who became convinced a ghost wanted to kill their baby daughter.