Ep 64 - What Happens When The Unfaithful Is Vulnerable

Brad discusses what happens when the betrayer opens up and is vulnerable with the partner they've hurt.  How this can affect the future of the relationship. If you're ready to take the next step in healing your relationship check out our healing broken trust workshop HERE: https://healingbrokentrustworkshop.com/ You can do it in person or from home.  We hope to see you soon!

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In this podcast Brad & Morgan Robinson outline everything you need to know to heal after infidelity has wrecked your relationship. If you want to heal after betrayal - whether you had an affair or multiple affairs or it was your partner who hurt you - this podcast is for you! Each episode has a free download available at healingbrokentrust.com so you can work together to fully heal or you can work alone. Either way you'll experience transformation! Brad is a nationally recognized affair recovery expert and licensed marriage and family therapist. He and his wife have helped thousands of couples heal after betrayal and save their family. You can save your family and completely heal even after betrayal.