Quantum Biology with Carrie Bennet

In todays episode of the podcast I speak with Carrie Bennet about quantum biology and the importance of a healthy circadian rhythm. First Carrie explains what quantum biology is and discusses how there are three core things to consider: - Light - Water - Magnetism Carrie explains just how important light is to human health and how it has an intimate relationship with the water inside of us, in particular EZ water, or exclusion zone water. We finish by discussing simple things we can do to help improve our health at the quantum level. Carrie's IG account: https://www.instagram.com/carriebwell... Carrie's website: https://www.carriebwellness.com Alex's recommended blue light blocking glasses (use code 'ALEXMANOS' to receive 10% off): https://www.blockbluelight.co.uk/?ref... Alex's recommend infrared light device (10% discount applied): https://emr-tek.com/discount/ALEX88508 The Fourth Phase Of Water book by Dr. Pollack: https://geni.us/HgCKa2 The Body Electric book by Becker and Seldon: https://geni.us/7cwTm

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