Scary Campground Tales

Pack a bag, today we're going to a spooky campground. In this episode, we hear two terrifying campground tales. The first one is The Tale of The Solo Traveler- a tale of a girl who learns something may have been watching her while she camped. And then we hear a tale from a listener of a time when their husband's intuition while camping may have saved them both. Heart Starts Pounding is written/produced by Kaelyn Moore Instagram: @heartstartspounding  Have a heart pounding tale you'd like to share on the podcast? Email [email protected] Music by Artlist   

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Horrors, hauntings and mysteries! A collection of scary stories, real and imagined, that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you’re a fan of all things spooky, creepy, and thrilling, this is the podcast for you. Have a horrifying tale, paranormal encounter, or unsolved mystery that you’d like to share? Visit and submit your heart-pounding story to be featured on the podcast. Join the Heart Starts Pounding community on TikTok and Instagram @heartstartspounding for a daily dose of spine-tingling snippets and creepypastas.