Big Knickers: Hello Mummy!

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Are you ready to pull on your big girl pants? This week: It’s time to get comfortable! Fashion journalists Emily Cronin (Elle; Grazia) and Kate Finnigan (FT; say no to stringy, flimsy fripperies and ask– why are big knickers the butt of so many jokes? Do they mean the death of sex, or is being snug the new sexy? “The big knickers were emblematic of our sexless relationship… neither of us were putting the effort in.” – Bella Hull “So what if your big knickers aren’t sexy? That doesn’t have to be a priority.” – Kate Finnigan “Big knickers are the thinking woman’s sexy knicker.” – Emily Cronin “There’s a trend emerging of not being too overt in your sexiness.” – Georgia Larsen Follow Hello Girls on Instagram: Send us your underwear disasters and triumphs: [email protected] WhatsApp your voice notes to: 07770 182925 Written and presented by Emily Cronin and Kate Finnigan. Produced by Kasia Tomasiewicz. Audio production and music composed by Jade Bailey. Lead Producer is Anne-Marie Luff. Music mix and production by GXL Music. Voice notes from anonymous contributions. Art direction by James Perrett. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Hello Girls is a Podmasters Production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit