92. Your Vibey New Year Checklist 🥂🎉

The New Year is upon us! Get ready for the best, most expansive year of your life with the girls! They share their favorite practices to prepare for the energy shift that’s coming with 2022. Plus, they make an important announcement that’s going to impact the show for the next few months 🖤 Let’s. Get. VIBEY!Join Mary’s January Yoga Challenge! Click Here to download the Yoga Plus by Mary app!Join Sarah in her January Reset (2021 reflection, 2022 goal setting) breathwork session! Click Here to drop in or Click Here to do a free trial of Inward & Upward and join for FREE.SHOP OUR MERCH! CLICK HERE or head to www.hervibeisprettypodcast.com/shop*We ship INTERNATIONALLY!*We want to hear from you! Share your biggest takeaway in the Her Vibe is Pretty Community on Facebook! Click here to join: Her Vibe is Pretty PodcastDM & Tag us on [email protected]@[email protected] Send us an email at:[email protected]

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