Tuesdays History of Wine

Episode 1: Chile

from History of Wine | Published 7/20/2021

For Episode One, Matthew is joined by Julio Bouchon from Bouchon Family Wines and Longaví Wines wines to discuss the history of wine in Chile. Julio’s family history uniquely mirrors Chile’s adaptation to Bordeaux varieties.*This episode is brought to you by Vivino. Explore their worldwide collection of wine at vivino.com 

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Hosted by renowned sommelier and restaurateur, Matthew Kaner, and part of the SOMM TV Podcast Network, Season One focuses on the Americas. Travel back in time to see how the regions were planted with vines and how struggles and historical events formed the wine we drink today. Each week Matthew is joined by a special guest to help tell the story of their country/state/region as we explore the impact Spanish Missionaries had with proliferating vitis vinifera for use in the Sacrament, Prohibition, and the ever important shift each market makes towards modernity.