Coconut Grove & Quadrant Park Megamix Part 1

Coconut Grove & Quadrant Park Megamix (part 1) 1. Peech Boys ‘ Life Is Something Special (acapella) 2. Cartouche ‘Feel The Groove 3. Lee Marrow ‘21st Century’ 4. Todd Terry Project ‘Weekend’ 5. Shawn Christopher ‘People Of All Nations’ 6. Phase 2 ‘Reachin’ 7. Royal House ‘Can You Party’ 8. K-klass ‘Rhythm Is A Mystery’ 9. Neon ‘Don’t Mess With This Beat’ 10. 4 Hero ‘Mr Kirks Nightmare 11. 2 For Joy ‘In A State’ 12. Jillian Mendez ‘Don’t Know What You're Missing’ 13. Brothers In Rhythm ‘Peace & Harmony’ (acapella) 14. Nicole ‘Rock The House’ 15. Tricky Disco ‘Tricky Disco’ 16. FPI Project ‘Everybody’ 17. Pierre Feroldi ‘Moving Now’ 18. Rio Rhythm Band ‘Carnival Da Casa’ 19. Bizarre Inc ‘Raise Me’ 20. Space Traxx 1 ‘Vivisection’ 21. Starlight ‘Numero Uno’ 22. Think Tank ‘A Knife And A Fork’ 23. Tyrell Corporation ’Six O’Clock’ 24. MCJ ’To Yourself Be Free’ 25. Fingers Inc Feat Chuck Roberts ‘Can You Feel It (acapella) 26. 33 1/3rd Queen ’Searchin’ 27. Musto & Bones ‘Dangerous On The Dancefloor’ 28. Leftfield ‘Not Forgotten’ 29. N Joi ‘Maniac’ 30. N Joi “Malfunction’ 31. Digital Boy ‘Give Me A Fat Beat 32. DJ H ‘Think About’ 33. Kim Simms ’Too Blind To See It’ 34. Gino Latino ‘Welcome’ 35. Joy Salinas ‘Rockin Romance’ 36. Alex Lee ‘Take It’ 37. Space Traxx 2 ‘Atomic Playboy’ 38. Scarlet Fantastic ‘No Memories’ 39. Dupree ‘Brass Disk’ (acapella) 40. JM Silk ‘House In E Flat Minor'’ 41. Sined Roza ‘I Don’t Know What It Is’ 42. Raging Rockers ‘Kounter Act’ 43. Katherine E ‘I’m Alright’ 44. Robert Armani ‘Ambulance’ 45. G & V Jay ‘I’m Gonna Get The Boy (acapella) 46. SIL ‘Blue Oyster’ 47. Atomic Herbie ‘Atomic House’ (remix) 48. Outphase ‘I’m In Love’ 49. SLD - ‘Getting Out’ 50. Lil Louis ‘Blackout’ 51. S-Bam ‘Chica Boom’ 52. The Plastic Clothes Mechanic ‘Come On Yea’ 53. Love Revolution ‘Give It To Me Baby’ 54. Meeting Place ‘House For The World’ 55. B-Sides ‘The Tape’ (remix) 56. India ‘Lover Who Rocks You All Night’ (acapella) 57. Pako ‘Pakito Lindo’ 58. Inner City ‘Pennies From Heaven’ 59. Brothers In Rhythm ’Such A Good Feeling’ 60. The Mixmaster ‘Grand Piano’ 61. Peech Boys ‘Don’t Make Me Wait (acapella) 62. The Last Cafe ‘Jam Cafe’ 63. Touch Of Soul ‘We Got The Love’ 64. S Express ‘Nothing To Lose’ (acapella) 65. Last Rhythm ‘Last Rhythm’ 66. Carl Cox ‘I Want You’ (acapella) 67. Reckless ‘Reckless Karnage’ 68. DJ Seduction ‘Hardcore Heaven’ 69. Bizarre Inc X-static’ 70. S-bam ‘Take Me Away Now’ 71. Age Of Love ‘Age Of Love’ 72. Body ‘Body’ 73. Beltram ‘Energy Flash’ 74. Mr Lee ‘Pump That Body’ 75. Black Box ‘Everybody’ (acapella) 76. QXI ‘Work That Mutherfucker’ 77. Lil Louis ‘Video Clash 78. Roy The Boy ‘French Paradise’ 79. Jam Jam ‘Everybody’ 80. Bassheads ‘Who Can Make Me Feel Good’ 81. Rickster ‘Night Moves’ 82. Joe Inferno ‘Tribal Church’ 83. True Faith ‘Take Me Away’ 84. Breakboys ‘My House Is Your House’ 85. TNT Piano Please’ 86. Double Dee ‘Found Love’ 87. Bizarre Inc ‘Playing With Knives’ 88. Problem House Volume 2 89. A Homebody A Hippy & A Funky Dred ‘Total Confusion’ 90. Bootleg ‘You Used To Salsa’ 91. Freestyle Orchestra ‘Keep On Pumpin It Up’ (acapella) 92. Yello ‘Unbelievable’ 93. Utah Saints ‘What Can You Do For Me’ 94. Ralphi Rosario ‘You Used To Hold Me’ (acapella) 95. Raze ‘Break For Love’ 96. Lhasa ‘The Attic’ 97. Moby ‘Go’ 98. Love Inc ‘Love Is The Message’ 99. Victor Romeo ‘Love Will Find A Way’ 100. Slam ‘Eterna’ Respect to the DJs: Robbie Edwards Alan James Derek Brown John Kelly Mike Knowler Andy Carroll James Barton

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Podcast by Les Calvert