Ryan Libbey: Exercising The Demons

I Did A Runner Podcast - A podcast by Joshua Patterson - Tuesdays

Joining me on the Podcast tomorrow Is TV personality, hybrid athlete, father, and my good friend Ryan Libbey aka big bear. In this episode, we reflect on the past few years, from life on TV to becoming a father. In 2021, Ryan’s partner Louise, suffered a horrific experience during the birth of their first child Leo, leading to both physical and mental complications. Ryan is extremely open about his own experience during this time, becoming the primary caregiver for both his partner and child. Ryan discusses the monumental hurdles he and his family have had to face over the last two years, his resilience and strength is something I greatly admire. In this episode he reveals his upcoming running challenge, and his pursuit for peace. This episode is a powerful one, which will help so many. I couldn’t be prouder of him for being so open and vulnerable.

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