105: Top Challenges Neuro Clinicians Face and What To Do About Them

Being a neuro clinician has a lot of challenges. In today’s show I talk about the top challenges you face on a day to day basis, like lack of time, lack of mentorship, lack of resources, and documentation, and I tell you exactly what to do to help. I’ll share stories and techniques that helped me go from “rage documenting” feverishly after hours to leaving work on time with all my notes done. I’ll also share exactly what to do if you’re drained because you feel overly responsible for “fixing” your patients. I hope you get some tangible strategies to try today!  If you want more support and content catered to you, we’d love to see you inside NeuroSpark! It’s our monthly program that provides ongoing continuing education, support, community and fun.  Join the waitlist now so you can be the first to join when doors open on May 19, 2022. www.neurocollaborative.com/neurospark

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We are a couple of neurologic physical therapists on the quest to keep the passion, commitment, and possibilities alive for those who love neuro rehab and wellness like us, without burnout and overwhelm. This show is great for neuro therapists and trainers looking to stay up to date and make a greater impact. Join us in this important movement to elevate healthcare!