In Conversation With IMF Bentham

The Changing World of Dispute Finance, Part 1: Where It All Began

from In Conversation With IMF Bentham | Published 5/29/2019

IMF Bentham Executive Director and pioneer of the dispute finance industry, Hugh McLernon, shares insights into the origins of modern-day dispute finance and its global expansion.

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Third party dispute finance (litigation funding) was traditionally used by those who could not afford access to justice or needed to “level the playing field” in David and Goliath cases. Funding is now also used as a financial and risk management tool by solvent companies and other well-resourced claimants in commercial disputes, arbitration and other applications. Experts from leading global dispute funder and industry pioneer, IMF Bentham Limited, join with guests to share insights about industry innovations. Please subscribe to our show and leave a review.