Putting It Together: Passing Through

Join Michael & Anika as they deep dive into the creation of the new musical PASSING THROUGH and the process of “Putting It Together” with writers Brett Ryback & Eric Ulloa. Come along as they take you on a journey that starts with Andrew Forsthoefel's trek across America and ends with the musical's world premiere production at Goodspeed's Terris Theatre in Summer 2019, which is currently streaming on Goodspeed on Demand until April 4th. Tickets are available now at goodspeed.org!

Om Podcasten

Join Director Michael Fling (Artistic Associate, Goodspeed Musicals) and Dramaturg Anika Chapin (Director of Artistic Development, Signature Theatre) as they explore and examine your favorite shows, from contemporary hits to classic Broadway. They’ll share fascinating tidbits about each show’s creation and history, then analyze a song or scene to illustrate how the dramaturgy of the show works. Whether you're "Getting to Know" a show for the first time or learning more about an "Old Friend", you're guaranteed to fall in love with musical theatre all over again. New episodes monthly.