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Saved By A Demon - Campfire 485

from Jim Harold's Campfire | Published 1/29/2021

Our first caller says that he encountered a “guardian” demon, an Australian caller tells of a workplace ghost encounter. This and many more tales of the strange on Jim Harold’s Campfire, the paranormal podcast dedicated to true tales of the supernatural. –MISEN– The Misen Chef’s Knife is a game changer in the kitchen. Step up your cooking game now and head over to for 20% off your first order. -BEST FIENDS- Best Fiends is the infamously impossible-to-put-down puzzle game that’s free to download! I love it! Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends! -HelloFresh- Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by HelloFresh, America’s #1 meal kit! Go to and use code 10campfire for 10 free meals, including free shipping!

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Creepy TRUE stories of paranormal phenomena of all types. Ghost stories, UFO, cryptids and more! This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, Jim Harold's Campfire has been in production since 2009 with over 390 episodes. True ghost stories, hauntings, life after death stories and more. Hosted by Jim Harold.