Singer/Songwriter: Lilly Winwood

A musical storyteller with a captivating live presence, Lilly Winwood is a shining element of the flourishing Nashville musical scene. Daughter of Rock icon Steve Winwood, Lilly has completely made her own sound, a unique mixture of intimate power and impact. One that quite frankly leaves audiences dazzled and mesmerized upon first discovery. Her new single 'Sleep Issues' ponders the danger of being stuck in your own head, and follows the critically lauded 2021 album 'Time Well Spent'. One that puts the spotlight on her 'wise beyond her years' songwriting with such instant classics as 'Few More Records', 'California' and 'Smell of Defeat'. Join us as Lilly shares with Jamie unique stories of her upbringing in England, musical style, thoughts on Nashville gentrification and more. Stay tuned as well for an exclusive performance of 'Sleep Issues'.

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