Kalongo longo Life

Why we should have seen 2020 coming.

from Kalongo longo Life | Published 6/12/2020

Do you feel like the year 2020 is crazy? So do most of us. This is why In the month of June, we're exploring the concept of the times.  We are living in unprecedented times and we need to know how to navigate the uncertainty. In this episode, we dig deeper into cycles. Cycles are comforting.  Cycles are helpful to identify.  In this episode, we look at 3 cycles: 1. Violence Cycles in the world  The 2012 article predicted a violent uprising in the US in 2020: https://www.livescience.com/22109-cycles-violence-2020.html    2. Economic cycles in the World Kondratieff Cycles observed that technology did not evolve linearly, but rather in leaps every 50 to 60 years. https://knowledge.insead.edu/strategy/the-next-cycle-of-capitalism-5226 3. Emotional cycles As the first few tentative steps are taken in the direction of becoming aware of what you feel and expressing it in a direct way without finding reasons and excuses, you will gain an understanding about yourself such as you never had before.  There’s nothing new under the sun. Everything comes in cycles.  Once we know the cycle we're in, we will know how to navigate life and win. 

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