Ep 271 | Why ‘Cabrini’ Is Connecting with Audiences | Guest: Jordan Harmon

Kibbe on Liberty - A podcast by Blaze Podcast Network - Wednesdays

As Hollywood continues to prioritize ideology over quality entertainment, filmmakers who just want to tell compelling stories are finding alternative avenues for production and distribution. Angel Studios is one such alternative, breaking out in a big way with the film “Sound of Freedom.” Matt Kibbe talks to Angel Studios co-founder and president Jordan Harmon about the company’s latest release, “Cabrini,” which is proving to be both a critical and financial success. Part of the reason for that is Angel Studios’ passion for the art, which is about amplifying light in the world rather than simply making a quick buck or pushing a particular narrative onto the public. Visit https://angel.com/kibbe to find showtimes in your area and purchase tickets.