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Today’s podcast we are going south of the Graffiti river and chatting to a new and reformatted NEGO of MZ, AC, DDS & FBZ 🔥👊🏻🔥 it would be hard pushed not to see this gentleman’s Character dub around the Capitol at the moment.. but Nego’s @despicable_neegz history goes way back before the street art era 🔥 Nego was and still is a prolific bomber and piece. Today we’re talking 90’s and 00’s South London, the lifestyle, jail time, The Nego character rebrand, his forecast into the commercial Graffiti art world and more. 🔥🔥🔥 THIS is Nego’s Podcast, ENJOY! Documenting the Graffiti Artists of History past, before their critical acclaims and contributions to the urban arts. Disclaimer: This presentation is for documentation and educational purposes only. No hard drive copies, footage or records of any interviews are held by Killa Kela and once uploaded to the outlets listed below, those are the only records in existence. Any illegal activity discussed is spoken only by our guests within historical context, and is neither encouraged, supported or incited. Any views or opinions made by the guests who appear on this platform are of their own.  WANT MORE STREET CULTURE?? GET THE KELAVISION APP, TO AUDIO LINKS & NFT'S HERE! https://linktr.ee/KILLAKELAOFFICIAL  Find out more about GraffPunks & Hodl Warrior’s NFT’s here https://graffpunks.world/ Get your hands on Chief Rocka wear now https://chief-rocka.com