LWL Ep. 76: NCT on How To Focus and Build On Your Strengths

Support the show on Patreon: www.patreon.com/lastweekliquidRate 5 stars on Spotify / Apple Podcasts!Join the Discord server: discord.gg/T572SHnH3rVisit the website: www.lastweekliquid.com/This week I bring you my discussion with Alex and Jeroen, better known as NCT. In this episode we chat about how NCT formed as a duo, and how they each focus on their strengths, the lasting impact of Netsky, the story behind some of the tracks on their remix album "RE:ASTROPHYSICAL", and a lot more!Episode links:Facebook: www.facebook.com/NCTdnbInstagram: www.instagram.com/NCTmusic/Support "RE:ASTROPHYSICAL": liquicity.bandcamp.com/album/re-astrophysicalTags: music, podcast, dnb, liquid, jungle, Drum and Bass, Drum&Bass, mix, dj

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