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Business Sets Priorities for 2021

from Leadership Next | Published 2/2/2021

Each year Fortune assembles about 50 of the top CEOs in the world for a dinner on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Of course this year, the annual event was postponed due to COVID-19. But Fortune still wanted to convene this group to discuss how business could best join forces to make a positive impact in 2021. How can all of us emerge from the global pandemic stronger than before? And today, on Leadership Next, our listeners are getting a special seat at that event. Before setting priorities for 2021, attendees heard updates on several of the most pressing issues of the moment: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla spoke about the coronavirus vaccine efforts; Mary Barra of General Motors unveiled how her company plans to fight climate change; Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg offered a picture of tech regulation in the months ahead. Leadership Next's Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt bring you highlights from these reports. Also joining the conversation, the co-host of Fortune's Brainstorm podcast, Michal Lev-Ram.

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Something big is happening in the world of business. CEOs increasingly say their jobs have become less about giving orders, more about inspiring, motivating, setting a north star. They are taking the lead on big issues like climate change, worker retraining, and diversity and inclusion. They are under pressure from employees, customers and investors not just to turn a profit, but to prove they are doing good in the world. And in the process, they are fundamentally redefining the relationship between business and society. Join Fortune CEO Alan Murray and Senior Editor Ellen McGirt as they probe the best of these leaders for insight into what they're doing, why they're doing it, and what impact it is having.