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Will Bitcoin Disrupt Visa's Business?

from Leadership Next | Published 3/16/2021

Ever since he fell ill with COVID-19, Visa CEO Al Kelly has made sure his 21,000 employees know they have a role to play in ending the global pandemic. And while he's made a full recovery, he admits Visa is still feeling some pain as the coronavirus continues to depress spending on travel and entertainment. But long-term, it seems as though the pandemic may wind up being good for business. Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt dig into why that is, and then move on to a variety of other topics: how Bitcoin is impacting Visa, the company's renewed efforts to boost internal diversity, its commitment to the environment, and how Kelly's faith impacts him as a leader.

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Something big is happening in the world of business. CEOs increasingly say their jobs have become less about giving orders, more about inspiring, motivating, setting a north star. They are taking the lead on big issues like climate change, worker retraining, and diversity and inclusion. They are under pressure from employees, customers and investors not just to turn a profit, but to prove they are doing good in the world. And in the process, they are fundamentally redefining the relationship between business and society. Join Fortune CEO Alan Murray and Senior Editor Ellen McGirt as they probe the best of these leaders for insight into what they're doing, why they're doing it, and what impact it is having.