Life is a Ceremony Podcast Ep 20: Integration – A Coping Mechanisim or a Vehicle for Transformation?

In this episode Roman Hanis and Elton Lee Abela dive into the subject of integration and how it can be approached as a coping mechanism or a vehicle of Transformation. How can we approach integration with ingenuity of inner resolution rather than as an external instruction manual? Topics covered include: - Death as an inspiration for life - The true meaning of Integration and how the saturation of the term can dilute this meaning - Finding a balance between ego and spirit

Om Podcasten

In this episode Roman Hanis from the Paititi Institute and Simon Fyall from the Verity Foundation share meaning, humor and insights of Fatherhood as an evolutionary journey through their own life experiences. Topics include: - Looking at fatherhood through a lens of consciousness transformation - Finding personal authenticity within family life - Exposed ways of clinging to comfort zone, habits, and coping mechanisms - Not being perfect and not making the challenges wrong - Integrating wisdom from life experience into the journey of fatherhood - Ways that fathers can find support for the greater process - Recognizing and holding space for the inner child - How to maintain healthy intimate relationships through-out parenthood - Mother and father supporting each other through their limitations