464: Git Happens

We're going back in time to witness the early days of a critical tool to build Linux, then jump forward 15 years and join our buddy Brent on his journey to learn that very tooling.Sponsored By:Linode Cloud Hosting: A special offer for all Linux Unplugged Podcast listeners and new Linode customers, visit linode.com/unplugged, and receive $100 towards your new account. Bitwarden: Bitwarden is the easiest way for businesses and individuals to store, share, and sync sensitive data.Support LINUX UnpluggedLinks:WSL 2 distros are now supported on Windows ServerTen SpaceX Starlink UpdatesDish calls out Elon Musk for tweets about Starlink and RVs, planesDish begs FCC to deactivate Starlink setups used in moving vehiclesSpaceX: Starlink Risks Becoming ‘Unusable’ If Dish Gets 12GHz SpectrumJB London Meetup - Aug 5 “6pm London time”London Colony Meetup - Matrix chat roomLinode Guides — Migrate a PostgreSQL Database to a Managed DatabaseTech Talk: 2007 Linus Torvalds on gitOh My Git! — An open source game about learning Git!Getting started with Git: Terminology 101Tech With Tim - Git And GitHub in ~30 MinutesJB GitHub - Website Rebuild Ideas & Explorations · Discussion #8Git Tutorial for Beginners - Git & GitHub Fundamentals In DepthCleanup by Brent · Pull Request #29GitKrakenawesome-git — A curated list of amazingly awesome Git tools, resources and shiny things.ungit — The easiest way to use git. On any platform. Anywhere.Hugo: The world’s fastest framework for building websitesCelebrating 15 years of Git — An interview with Git maintainer Junio HamanoBrunch with Brent: Quentin Stafford-Fraser — Brent sits down with Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser, computer scientist, serial-entrepreneur, inventor (perhaps) of the webcam, Augmented Reality Ph.D. who ran the very first web server at the University of Cambridge, among much more.Office Hours 6: Peer to Peer Future — Interview with Mitch Downey, co-founder of Podverse.Fountain 0.4.0 — Listen to Earn, Promotions & Paid Likesgpodder.net — gpodder.net is a libre web service that allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions and discover new content. If you use multiple devices, you can synchronize subscriptions and your listening progress.Source for gpodder.netGPodder Sync in the Nextcloud App StorePodverse: Podcasting 2.0 certified player for Android, F-Droid, iOS, and the web.[Album] The New DealTinyPilotKVM: Control any computer remotely.

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