Technical Difficulties (Redux)

Lucky 13. Thank you Dock & Mawty for traveling back in time to fix the intro.  In this series of very meta episode, we dive into some of the woes when it comes to podcasting, recording, and workarounds to make it all happen. When Insults Had Class: a little history lesson, and inspiration to #StayClassy when admonishing your others with rebuttals that take it up a step. The Gear in Here: Mac Daddy. The 2011 MacBook Pro has been amazing. I discuss a few updgrades that kept it rocking longer than the average expected life of a notebook, but I am reaching the limits of it's capabilities. But the newest does not mean the best when it comes time to replace it.  We go into the pros and cons of all things MacBook Pro - focusing on 15.4" model; the ups and downs, and key changes over the past 10 years. To wrap it up I present five (5) resellers with excellent ratings, variety, and support. If you recently purchased, or are considering purchase of, a reconditioned Mac chances are high it will be pre-loaded with Big Sur. Many using Macs for audio or video editing find favorite programs either aren't ready, or will never work, with the new OS. If you are interested in rolling back to a previous edition I have outlined steps to do so. Instructions will be made available for doing so, using Catalina as the example, at > Gear In Here > Deep Dive.  Overcoming Technical Difficulties: A candid look at the lives of some famous people who refused to stay down when their backs were against the wall, or if they could even afford a wall. From all ages, and walks of life, these profiles will encourage you to Live Life Loud.   --- Support this podcast:

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Featuring guests throughout the music industry. We dive into life, adversities, and the refusal to let go of their dreams. There's more; every 30-minute episode has multiple segments, but not always the same, that may include- Deep Shower Thoughts. Travel Time: Journey through the US & Ontario, Canada. Sharing insight from first-hand experiences at hotels, eateries and places to visit, and tips to make the most of your time. Gear in Here: A look at equipment used making the podcast & music for the show. Find out more, and get a look inside the show, at Support this podcast: