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COVID vs the Wedding Industry ft. Jai Long

from Make Better Wedding Films | Published 8/19/2020

There is a lot of fear being spread within the wedding industry right now. Postponements, loss of income, creatives are scrambling to figure out how best to keep their businesses afloat. On today's show, I'm speaking with Jai Long. As someone who has mastered the art of upselling, he breaks down his philosophy with me of how we can be making the most out of each wedding we do manage to get over the line this season. We talk about diversifying our offerings into things like live streaming and instagram edits and how these are powerful tools for generating extra revenue. But most importantly, todays show is about focusing on the positive, not getting paralysed by the negativity that you see online right now and working on ways that you can best serve your couples and your business at the same time. Check out more of Jai's educational resources on his website: Host: Ben Journée - Side Project Films Guest: Jai Long Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired:

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