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SHOW LOVE E007 | Building Your Brand ft. Till Death

from Make Better Wedding Films | Published 11/15/2019

🎥🎤SHOW LOVE - EPISODE SEVEN! 🎤🎥  Building Your Brand ft. Mel Branson from Till Death On todays episode we look at all things branding and owning your business' vision.  As Mel says, "it's imperative to understand what you are trying to say - with your business". When couples are looking for their wedding videographers it comes down to more than simply who makes the best films for the best price. Couples are like any other customer, they buy in to the idea what you do, who are and what you stand for, even if it's mostly subconscious.  I asked Mel to come on today specifically because her brand stands out from the crowd as a true representation of who she is and the product she's selling. rather than trying to figure out what she thinks couples would want, she just tried to make the best, most authentic experience and trusted that it would resonate with people, which (spoiler alert) it did! Wait til the end of the episode where we also break down an epic documentary film 'Like Coming Home' that Mel created. You can watch the doco with the link here: Host: Ben Journée - Side Project Films  Guest: Mel Branson - Till Death Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired:

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