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SHOW LOVE E011 | The Client Experience ft. Henry Martens

from Make Better Wedding Films | Published 3/12/2020

🎥SHOW LOVE Ep011 | The Client Experience ft. Henry Martens 🎥   We all expect our work to stand on it’s own, and the growth of our business to directly reflect how “good” we are at making wedding films… But I’m afraid to say that isn’t the case. Obviously you need a good product, but how clients experience your work, how they remember you, how they talk about you to their friends who are about to get married has to do with an all encompassing feeling called “the client experience”.    It’s the reason Louis Vuitton stores have staff who open the door for you, and why Apple ensure their packaging is always super satisfying to open. Neither of these things improve the product once it’s in your hand, but they work to ensure that every interaction you have with that company builds a positive experience for you, the customer.    Today I’m talking to the legend, Henry Martens. Henry is renowned as a world class wedding filmmaker, his work speaks for itself and yet he puts real time, effort and budget towards improving his client’s experience. Most of us will take a potential client out for coffee, maybe even lunch if we really want to book the wedding. But Henry will fly across the country and take his couples out for dinner AFTER he’s booked them!   Get the coffee ready, today’s episode is a long one and we’ve got a lot to get through!   Use the discount code SHOWLOVE to get 20% off everything in Henry’s online store! LUTs, Presets & More:   Host: Ben Journée - Side Project Films  Guest:  Henry Martens -  Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired:

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