#220 Genetic Hyperaldosteronism | Endocrine | Clinical | MedFlashGo Question of the Day For Medical Students | USMLE, COMLEX, Medical Boards, Shelf

Welcome To The MedFlashGo Podcast. This Is Your Daily 4 Minutes Or Less Rapid Review for medical students. Topics are based on medical board examinations including USMLE, COMLEX, And Shelf Exams. We release a new episode every weekday! In this question of the day, Sean asks students to identify a diagnosis. These questions are powered by MedFlashGo The First Voice-based interactive medical question bank currently available on Alexa. This tool allows medical students to study medical topics and be interactively tested without the use of a screen. You can study on your couch, in your car, and on the move without the use of a screen. To get access to the free audio-interactive question bank, click here or go to your Alexa application and search medflashgo In the skills section. To learn more details go to medflashgo.com and check out our frequently asked questions section. Please know that these questions were creatively designed by medical students and physicians for the purpose of education and do not replace health information given from your health professionals. We have tried our best to make sure the information is accurate please, so please let us know if you find any errors and we will be sure to correct them. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/medflashgo/message

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The MedFlashGo Podcast is a rapid review tool designed by medical students and physicians for USMLE/COMLEX/Shelf for step 1, 2, and 3 exams. We understand that burnout is a real issue and we hope to make medical school more fun and enjoyable! This podcast is a tool that lets you learn quickly and efficiently on the go. In this podcast, we will be doing a "Question Of The Day" model, Monday through Friday powered by the MedFlashGo Voice-Interactive question bank. Please enjoy this free supplemental tool where episodes are never longer than 4 minutes! Website: www.medflashgo.com @medflashgo