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Anjelah Johnson | Comedian, Actor Johnson-Reyes was born and raised in San Jose, California and is of Mexicanand Native American descent. She is one of five children and has a large extended familyto which she remains close. In the beginning of her career, Johnson- Reyes was aprofessional cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. As an Oakland Raiderette, she wasnamed Rookie of the Year and even performed in Super Bowl XXXVII. After that yearshe decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of acting.She became an internet sensation with her viral video, “Nail Salon” which led to manystand up, television and film opportunities. That same year she joined the cast of,“MADtv” as a series regular, which spawned another internet sensation, “Bon Qui Qui.”This original character, a disgruntled fast food employee with no filter, has been enjoyed,viewed and replicated by over 80 million people worldwide. After recording andreleasing 3 songs and 2 music videos as Bon Qui Qui, Anjelah signed a record deal withWarner Nashville to release a full album titled, “Gold Plated Dreams”, which She’stoured twice selling out both times. Bon Qui Qui teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics forher third music video “This Is How We Do It”. After the success of her debut album, BonQui Qui released a Christmas EP titled “Merry Hoodmas”. All the songs are available oniTunes and the videos are currently on YouTube.Early in Anjelah’s career she appeared in multiple ads & commercials includingcampaigns for Sprint, Visa, Snickers, Verizon, All-State, K-Swiss, Dryers Ice Cream andwas the spokesperson for a Texas based restaurant chain, Taco Cabana. Anjelah has alsoguest starred on shows such as The Shield, Ugly Betty, Curb Your Enthusiasm, SuperStore, and others all while touring with her stand up comedy.In June 2009 Anjelah recorded her first one-hour special for Comedy Central and WarnerBros. Records titled, That’s How We Do It. Her second one-hour special, TheHomecoming Show, aired on NUVOtv in July of 2013 and is currently available onAmazon. In 2014 Anjelah recorded her third hour special, Not Fancy which is a Netflixoriginal, and is currently available for streaming. In 2017 she filmed her fourth hourspecial Mahalo & Goodnight in Honolulu, Hawaii. It premiered on the Epix channel andis now available for steaming on Amazon.Johnson has starred in such films as OUR FAMILY WEDDING, ALVIN AND THECHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL, ENOUGH SAID, THE RESURRECTION OFGAVIN STONE and the film MOM’S NIGHT OUT which not only features Anjelah butalso her husband, musician Manwell Reyes.Anjelah resides in Los Angeles and Nashville with her husband and her dog Banzo, andcontinues to act and tour the country with her sold out comedy shows.

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