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Ely Thorel | Dancer, Actor, CreatorHi! My name is Ely Thorel and I am 27 years old, living in Los Angeles, California! I'm originally from New York, and I moved to LA to pursue my dance career. I've always known I wanted to dance at a young age! I loved to choreograph and I was lucky enough to have the opportunities to showcase my work in high school, which led me to all the work I did after. After I graduated, I just started working and teaching. I focused on my craft and really made a name for myself in upstate NY but I knew it could be bigger. In 2018 i moved to California, and i started training and actually became a student again which was amazing. Then COVID hit us in 2020, and everything shut down. I decided i'd "try" out this app named "Tik Tok" and low and behold, my passion for acting came back. I started doing Mean Girls reenactments, and after my first viral video everything just went off from there. Now I do more things than just Mean Girls but i've gained more than 300 thousand followers, had a buzzfeed article about me, and have had a handful of celebrities interact with my content. I'm very thankful for all of the people who watch, like, share and follow me. I'm still just a regular guy just like everyone else, I just happen to wear a lot of wigs. 

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