Episode 14: Money Talks & Self-Control

from Missheard | Published 2/12/2021

Salaam guys! Another week, another brand new episode of Missheard.  You guys will hear about our new segment called 'Shop Small Support Sisters', a way we wish to give back to the small businesses trying to keep their brands afloat during these tough times. If you know an amazing sister running a fabulous small business, or perhaps you are one yourself- please get in touch via email: [email protected] We'd love to hear from you.  This week's episode discusses our natural desire for money but the implications this can have on us, as well as the importance of self-control. Big love to everyone who is constantly supporting Missheard- Enjoy!

Om Podcasten

This is 2 regular Muslim girls talking life, deen and everything in between. Here at MissHeard, we understand that women often fade into the background. Our voices are a little more quieter than the rest. Our job is to help amplify these voices. Bringing relevant and beneficial topics to the surface for Muslim women alongside the most amazing guests.