Persian Weddings

It’s wedding season on the Modern Persian Food podcast! Bita and Beata bring back their first ever guest episode with wedding officiant and planner Nilou Nouri from Nilou Weddings as they talk about the role of food in Persian weddings and what makes Persian weddings unique. They explore modern takes on old traditions and some personal memories and stories of Beata and Bita’s own weddings.     Enjoy and let’s celebrate love, culture, and partnerships!   Resource links and recipes from this podcast episode:   Episode 20: The Role of Food in Persian Weddings with Special Guest Nilou Nouri   Nilou Nouri: Website: IG: Nilou Weddings (@nilouweddings) and Nilou Recipes (@nilourecipes)   Bita’s recipe for Persian Jeweled Rice | Shirin Polo   Subscribe+ to the Modern Persian Food podcast on your favorite podcast player, and tell a friend!   All Modern Persian Food podcast episodes can be found at: Episodes Co-host Beata Nazem Kelley blog: BeatsEats – Persian Girl Desperately Addicted to Food! Co-host Bita Arabian blog: Oven Hug - Healthy Persian Recipes | Modern Persian Recipes Podcast production by Alvarez Audio

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Podcast co-hosts and food bloggers Bita Arabian and Beata Nazem Kelley share the rich flavors and fresh ingredients of Persian Cooking and how to incorporate them into today's modern lifestyles. The duo introduces the flavors, tastes, and techniques they use, and also their cultural stories and perspective growing up in the US in Persian families.