11. 2020 will not kill me. WFH mom by day, house hacker by night. My whole story, your questions, and how my mindset will make the dream possible | with ME, Sarah of NGFI

So, THIS episode.  The one I have been avoiding.  The about me one.  I did a little trailer intro to kick off my podcast.  However, I have been LARGELY avoiding covering my own journey because I find my personal life has been a serious dumpster fire.  This is my year of rebuilding and realigning.  Refocusing on building the life I have always wanted. Every system.  Every autopay.  Every bank account.  Every process.  NEW. THIS is my honest, REAL path from Dave Ramsey to Real Estate: moving shamelessly into big mortgage debt life while still biting my tongue each time I want to say "good debt" While this has been the most painful, hardest year of my life, I am so grateful.  Grateful to have my daughter, who is a 13-month-old little ray of sunshine.  Grateful for my job and the minimum impact COVID has had on it.  Grateful COVID has taken my 40% travel job and made it a 0% travel job while I cope with my life, changing in every way possible.  And grateful for my people.  My parents. Family. Friends. All the amazing folks of the REI or real estate investing community, and of the debt-free community I have come to know via Instagram.  I have learned I have the BEST support system. I am strong, with the ability to rebuild, refocus on my dreams, and keep on going.  I have a whole new appreciation for happiness, stability, and making the very best of any situation.  This past year will forever shape and change me, but in the best ways, even though it has had some of the most heartwrenching, crushing parts. I survived.  I got out.  And now, I get to rebuild it, for ME.  To find me again.  And make the best future -- and mama-- possible for the cutest toddler ever.  Today, I will cover the start of my journey to today..... plus the top questions I get from you all.  What is going on with our business? Why did you decide on this type of house hack? How do you manage rentals and a day job?  Why do real estate?  What does your emergency fund look like now? And, where do I see life and business when the dust settles? Thanks for sharing in my journey. Cheers to the back half of 2020, let’s make it something amazing. Rachael Cruze budget video Rich Dad, Poor Dad Set for Life Paula Pant Retire Early with Real Estate Coach Chad Carson Rachel Hollis: Keep. Going. The Stealthy Rich --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerdsguidetofi/support

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Hey friend, I am Sarah. Welcome to the Nerds Guide to Financial Independence Podcast! I am a solo mama of one, running on too much taco bell and refusing to give up a weekly fancy latte. I’m here to show that financial independence can be for anyone who wants it badly enough. Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be scary, take vast DIY knowledge, or involve heaps of debt. When I am not sharing my own progress to FI, I’ll be picking the brains of like-minded debt contentious investors. I am so glad you are here, my fellow aspiring retirees. Come join the IG party: @nerdsguidetoFI Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerdsguidetofi/support