Introduction To The Riverbed Technical Podcast

from Underlay | Published 2/2/2021

In this episode we (Brandon, Phil, and Vince) introduce ourselves and share what drives our passion for network visibility and performance.  While we are all from Riverbed, this is not your typical vendor podcast.  We have a lot planned to discuss around why visibility is a key that networks must focus on today.  We talk about cloud and what that overused blanket term really means to us, and how migrations to the cloud are a key time to ensure that we have visibility into apps that have been forgotten, where our data is, what’s leaving the cloud, and what the performance looks like, before, during, and after. We touch on Security, AI/ML, and performance as well, as we setup shop and plan to discuss these areas in further detail. Reference Links: https://community.riverbed.com https://riverbed.com Brandon Carroll Host Phil Gervasi Host Vince Berk Host The post Introduction To The Riverbed Technical Podcast appeared first on Network Collective.

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