Running IPv6 Only Networks

from Underlay | Published 1/5/2021

In today’s episode we’re talking about IPv6. More specifically, we discuss what it takes to run an IPv6 only network. Why now? And why not dual stack? Well, in the middle of November (2019), the US government put out a memo outlining their updated guidelines and expectations for IPv6. In it, they mandate a future vision of 80% of devices connected to IPv6 only networks by 2025. That’s not that far away. So, as many of our peers who work in US federal organizations are preparing for a world that is IPv6 only, we figured it might be time for us to do the same.  Show Notes Impact of OMB memo (is this the same as last time or not?) Other IPv4 Flag days (turn off IPv4) Washington State Policy 300, IPv4 decommissioned Dec. 31, 2025 https://ocio.wa.gov/policy/statewide-migration-ipv6 China 100% by 2025  https://blog.apnic.net/2019/06/06/100-by-2025-china-getting-serious-about-ipv6/  IPv4 Flag Day (February 1st, 2030)   https://ipv4flagday.net/ Benefits of running an IPv6-only network IPv6 has the potential to perform better than IPv4 Prevailing recommendation for IPv6 adoption has been dual stack. This memo mandates IPv6 only network adoption. What are some of the additional considerations that need to be considered when jumping straight from IPv4 to IPv6.  What is the current state of IPv6 networking hardware today?  Data Plane Management Plane Orchestration? What are some of the biggest hurdles to adopting IPv6 exclusive networks, as compared to a dual-stack approach? Other challenges of IPv6-only Disabling IPv4-stack on hosts, how to signal to them that this is an IPv6-only access network   Thank you to BlueCat Networks for sponsoring today’s episode. BlueCat is putting together some great content and a great community surrounding the topics of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM. You can join the Network VIP community and register for the next roundtable by going to bluecatnetworks.com/certainty. Thank you to Unimus for sponsoring today’s episode. Unimus is a fast to deploy and easy to use Network Automation and Configuration Management solution. You can learn more about how you can start automating your network in under 15 minutes at unimus.net/nc. Nick Buraglio Guest Scott Hogg Guest Tony Efantis Host Jordan Martin Host Outro Music: Danger Storm Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ The post Running IPv6 Only Networks appeared first on Network Collective.

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