18. My Mental Health Journey w/ Fatima (Zara) Bamalli

Never Fully Understood - A podcast by Fatima Garba


*TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE* Meet Zara. She's this week's guest! On today's episode, she shares her mental health journey, diagnosis, and treatment. I'm amazed by her progress and determination. What I admire most is her openness and willingness to help others. This conversation could really benefit those who need it. Here's a list of some centers she recommends in Nigeria: The Olive Prime Azalea centre The oleaster Connect with Fatima on instagram: https://instagram.com/fatimahbamalli?igshid=MzMyNGUyNmU2YQ== Follow us on instagram: https://instagram.com/neverfullyunderstood_?igshid=NzZhOTFlYzFmZQ==