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Freezing Waterfalls | K-Pop News

from Not Your Average Fangirls | Published 6/9/2021

The Supreme Taemin is taking a trip up to Salem for a year and some change, TXT is back with an edgier sound and more ripped jeans, and B.I released his solo album WATERFALL and the emotional rollercoaster is REAL. Listen as we discuss what happened in the KPOP world this past week!Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode and don't forget to follow our social media and let us know what you think.Time stamps:4:26 - Taemin enlistment7:52 - Victon Seungwoo16:01 - Ji Soo’s contract termination17:35 - I-Land contestants20:51 - VERIVERY Minchan21:47 - BTS Hot 10023:16 - Monsta X Tour 202224:22 - YG museum25:56 - NCT 127 with Amoeba Culture - Save26:38 - Kingdom36:14 - Joy - Hello38:13 - GWSN - Like It Hot40:16 - EVERGLOW - FIRST43:59 - Wonwoo & Mingyu ft. LeeHi - Bittersweet49:11 - MONSTA X - GAMBLER52:48 - GHOST9 - Up All Night54:58 - TXT - The Chaos Chapter : FREEZE1:10:34 - B.I - WATERFALL1:23:16 - Songs of the WeekListen here!Apple: Play: week's playlist:

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