037: Shut Up and Write the Book w/ Jenna Moreci

In this episode of On Riting, Shawn and Chad are back from hiatus to interview the inimitable Jenna Moreci about her new book, Shut Up and Write the Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Novel From Plan to Print. Other topics include "It's more than just Dinosaur Erotica," the worst writing advice anyone's ever received from a web-dev, and who to send your work to in order to get it critiqued (hint, it's not Jenna).Get the Book! (also available wherever books are preordered)Get the Savior Series! (same deal: Check your local bookstore before you pull the trigger on Amazon)Watch Her Youtube Guides! And, oh right, our link: The answer to the above mystery is "Send your work to Chad, for money, through our discord," which is right here

Om Podcasten

Three writers—a recovering academic, a writing professional, and a megaconsumer—take on Riting Communities, those online communities full of writers and terrible advice. Along the way (be warned, dear listener) there will be jokes, as well as some de minimis amount of Actual Writing Advice. Updates every other Wednesday.