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Get out of my pub!

from Planet Normal | Published 4/21/2021

David Owen, former Foreign Secretary and one of the SDP's Gang of Four, boards a flight to Planet Normal this week. He tells Telegraph columnists Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan why he thinks it's a problem that former Prime Ministers no longer join the House of Lords and expresses his regret that the late Shirley Williams didn't acknowledge her own potential.  Plus David attempts to answer a seemingly simple question posed by Liam: is Boris Johnson a ‘great’ Prime Minister? Elsewhere, they think it's all over.... it is now! And by 'it' we mean the new European Super League of course. Allison and Liam get into what that news meant to your average football fan. Plus Allison reflects on the coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, and those powerful images of the Queen sitting alone in the chapel.  Allison and Liam will be replying to comments beneath this article on Thursday 22nd April from 11am-12pm: | Read more from Allison: | Read more from Liam: | Read how the ‘George Floyd Policing Act’ could limit policing powers in the US: | Read Laura Donnelly ‘Only 32 people hospitalised with COVID after having had vaccination’: | Listen to Bryony Gordon's Mad World: | Need help subscribing or reviewing? Read more about podcasts here: | Email: [email protected] | For 30 days’ free access to The Telegraph: | See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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