The Spillover with Alex Clark

Ep 365 | New Changes At Fox News & Period Witchcraft For Teens

from The Spillover with Alex Clark | Published 5/28/2021

Ryan Seacrest has his eyes on a new family to replace KUWTK, lets talk about the Army's new recruitment add, we have an update on the John Cena/CCP apology video, Rachael Kirkconnell is being canceled again for the DUMBEST reason, And Juan Williams is leaving Fox):UPDATE: After we recorded the episode yesterday, Rachael Kirkconnell posted a story saying her Instagram was hacked, not deactivated. Join the fastest growing group for young conservatives on Facebook!Every Day At 4PM ET on IGTV.🌴 🌟 🇺🇸 💖Hosted by Alex Clark and Powered by Turning Point USA

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