Laraaji, music as a cure

Procrastinophobic - A podcast by Ramdane Touhami


Procrastination, n.f, tendency to postpone, to systematically postpone until the next day.Ramdane Touhami hates this definition. In Procrastinophobic, he sets out to meet those who are in perpetual motion and who mark their era: musicians, artists, athletes, gallery owners, entrepreneurs... They have one thing in common: to always be in action.For his show, he managed to convince those who never stop to take a break. A break to which his guests are not accustomed, they who look ahead, and do not always take the time to reflect on their life journey.Unpublished and unconventional interviews with guests whose words are rare.In this second episode, Ramdane exchanges with the legendary American multi-instrumentalist Laraaji. An essential figure in the New Age movement, the 80-year-old young man has always seen music as a means of healing. The man who began with jazz training, stand-up comedian, aspiring actor and part-time jazz pianist, has produced no less than 50 albums, long, hypnotic and captivating compositions.At the microphone of Ramdane Touhami, Laraaji avoids nothing: her childhood, her mother's "church for cinema" deal, the piano at 10, her discovery of New York, the activism of the 60s, the discovery of meditation in the 70s, his meeting with Brian Eno...A fascinating interview, a particular x-ray of the entire second half of the 20th century.Réalisation: Elsa Daynac Hébergé par Acast. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

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