Caroline Ingeborn-The Leap

In this episode, Tonje talks to Swedish entrepreneur, former COO, and CEO of kids app company Toca Boca and the CEO of Leap Caroline Ingeborn about the love of the unknown, risk-taking, the importance of play, her goal to create a social context amongst people and the creation of meaningful connections and conversations. Founder and CEO of Leap. Swedish entrepreneur Caroline moved to San Francisco back in 2013 when she joined the kid's app company Toca Boca (25mn Monthly Active Users). After 8 years as COO and later CEO, she flipped her focus to a different demographic with the launch of Leap, a social learning platform for people over 55. Driven by Caroline’s passion to unite people via meaningful experiences, Leap hosts small-scale conversations and classes, designed to connect and inspire users.

Om Podcasten

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