Property Investing Tax Tips- Capital Allowances. What Are They? How They Work & Which Strategies With Shaz Nawaz

Shaz Nawaz is a chartered accountant and managing director of Entrust Property Tax Experts - they specialise in business and property tax advice.   Shaz is also a professional speaker, author and property investor himself, with his current development projects in Boston building 49 houses with a GDV of £10.5m.   This is a follow-up Q&A episode with Shaz where we are discussing all things capital allowances a big tax saving area in property and business. It is certainly not one to be missed and definitely one I'll be referring back to myself.   In this episode we discuss: What are capital allowances? How they can help reduce your tax bill. Which properties and investing strategies can claim capital allowances? How to claim capital allowances? Are these tax savings different when claiming in a LTD vs sole traders and partnerships?   Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email- [email protected]   Linkedin:   Guests:     *Disclaimer* As always, the content in this episode is for informational and entertainment purposes only and are the views of the host and guests. This information is NOT financial advice. Please speak to a professional advisor and do your own due diligence when looking to invest in property and business.

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