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ML at Amazon with Greg Coquillo

from Minhaaj's Podcast | Published 2/7/2021

It was a true blast talking to Greg Coquillo. It is always a pleasure talking to such a good sport and insightful leader and he truly is Amazon material. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: 1. The trick to coming out of college debt-free is to go to a community college first. 2. Gamestop has really changed the world for the better. 3. Greg would invent the internet if given a chance to time travel back. 4. Bitcoin is still a big no for Greg Coquillo’s investments 5. Amazon is here to stay despite Alibaba, Azure, and Google Cloud. 6. Japanese Wasabi sauce is the real thing. What we have is a watered-down version of that. 7. Sophie the robot still leaves much to desire for Greg. Step up the game Sophie.

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