#22 Daily Puck Drop

PuckSports - A podcast by Jason Puckett

Puck chats about the disaster of a roadtrip in Milwaukee. Offense, defense and pitching all bad. Puck has joined a new club called "Nips and Dips." He explains in today's show. Also, it's Masters week, the most glorious week of the year! Lastly, still time to sign up for Puck the Picker Masters Pool at RunMyPools.com and click JOIN POOL and enter the code NLAT. 00:00Puck opens up the show thanking listeners 03:25The Seattle Mariners' Struggles Continue09:11Injuries Plague Major League Baseball21:20The Men's National Title Game is Highly Anticipated21:47John Calipari Steps Down as Kentucky Basketball Coach23:39NFL Draft Prospects are Being Evaluated24:35Puck Joins the Nips and Dips Club26:31The Masters Golf Tournament is Here