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Be Less Apologetic (with Kimberly Blackwell) - Episode 12

from Professional Troublemaker | Published 3/23/2021

This week on Professional Troublemaker, Luvvie is in conversation with communications powerhouse, Kimberly Blackwell. As the CEO of PMM, a distributor of customized promotional products, and a Fortune 100 Marketing & Strategy executive, Kimberly talks about the importance of knowing your value and honing into your superpowers as a Black woman within a predominantly white and male space. Kimberly delves into being an advocate for community, having positive women to be vulnerable with, and the strength she has found in her friends like Luvvie. Kimberly and Luvvie get into the good and the challenging parts of living in your purpose unapologetically. Grab a notebook and a pen, and get your life with the latest episode of Professional Troublemaker.

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Join New York Times bestselling author Luvvie Ajayi Jones as she brings you thought-provoking conversations with professional troublemakers who have taken action, done scary things and rocked the boat to an audacious life. A professional troublemaker is a truthteller, change agent and trailblazer. They are committed to disrupting what is unjust for the greater good. They take up the call of the late, great John Lewis, who charged us to “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” They are ordinary people with the extraordinary habit of choosing COURAGE in moments of FEAR.