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Episode 58-Three Sinners by Nathan Corliss

from Reads and Weeds | Published 3/17/2021

This is the worldwide live debut reading of an original play by our regular guest Nathan Corliss! Yes something great coming out of quarantine. He assembled an amazing cast and one of them couldn't make it so I got to read along too. CAST: Sarah-Vicki Morgan Carol-Shelly Smith James-Will Jones III April-Abby Rudnicki Bobby-Robby Griswold It's so good. It's funny. It's current. It's sad. It's real. Great dialogue. There is a even a weed smoking scene. There are gardening references. There is a huge reveal at the end that I wish I had remembered before I played Carol. I would have made her more convicted and certain......but it was still such an honor to be in this cast who created so much emotion and chemistry even over Zoom. We dedicate this show to Tori Tomalia, a leader in our improv community who died from cancer a few days before this reading. She brought theater to kids and grownups in this area for the last many years and we are so grateful to have known her. She opened Pointless Brewery and Improv Theater In Ann Arbor with her husband Jason and built a wonderful community. We are all hurting and miss her. Nathan worked there. It felt so good to be together today creating theater and remembering why it is important.

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