RLI Talks

31: Matt Turner (tastecard)

from RLI Talks | Published 5/10/2021

In this episode of RLI Talks, Jayne Rafter (Publisher of RLI) speaks to Matt Turner, Founder and CEO of tastecard. Matt founded tastecard (originally tastelondon) in 2006 with just £20,000 - fifteen years later it is now the UK's largest dining club with over 3 million members.   Of course, the last twelve months have proved challenging for tastecard as most of its partner restaurants have been closed and members asked to stay at home, but with challenges come opportunities and Matt talks about how the business has pivoted, giving an insight in to some of the other projects they're working on including a new fitness app.   Matt also talks about hospitality reopening, and how hard the industry has worked to ensure that it reopens safely. He himself had COVID at the beginning of the year and understands how nervous some people are about being in a social setting again. However, he is hugely optimistic about the future of the industry with many people longing for real human interaction in restaurant settings.

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