Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson

Episode 22 - Be Cool

from Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson | Published 3/22/2018

2005’s Be Cool. It’s just like Pulp Fiction – except everybody is much older and the writing isn’t as good! Dwayne Johnson plays Vince Vaughn’s gay bodyguard who dreams of being a big-time actor. If you like dated music references and loud mouth chewing, THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU. It has it all: Travolta plastic surgery, Andre 3000, a speech about cultural appropriation, and DJ in a full-on cowboy outfit. Oh, and don’t ask us to explain the plot of this movie. It can’t be done. It’s crazy. It’s weird. It’s very 2005. It’s Be Cool. Also!! New Rampage contest!! Red Notice gets a release date!! DJ buys his dad a Cadillac!! Please remember to rate/review/share the show! If you know a jabroni in your life who doesn’t listen, are you really doing your job?

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The Rock is a lot of things. 2016's highest paid actor. People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive". Fanny pack fashion icon. Future president? And now, he's the subject of a brand new podcast! Join Jordan and Charlie on their quest to find out why Dwayne Johnson is the most electrifying man in entertainment. They'll break down every one of his IMDB offerings in near-obsessive detail until they get to the bottom of it. Special episodes are planned to examine his Saturday Night Live appearances, guest starring roles on TV shows and more!